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Register NOW for the Youth Fitness Class!

Know a kid age 10-15 that needs a little movement this summer? Register them for the Youth Fitness Class that will take place the month of June (and maybe July) on Monday and Wednesday at 11 am. The classes will be 45 minutes in length and will consist of a variety of activities such as […]

Believing God

My daily Bible reading landed me in Jonah 3 today, which stood out for two reasons. First, in the text were the words “believing God” which is the title of a book I’m currently reading (one of the many books I have going at the same time). Then, it talked about how the prayers of […]

Time for Prayer

I’m part of a Bible study group right now focusing on the War Room movie. The first couple of days have been about if you’re hot, cold, or lukewarm with God as well as your relationship in the church. Ultimately, it will be about prayer life and how it can things in your world. The […]

Recap of Joyce Meyer & YFi Youth Summit

On Friday, I enjoyed a trip to Winston Salem, NC with my mom and step dad to see Joyce Meyer in person. This was my first Joyce experience, and I really enjoyed it. The praise and worship with Matt Redman was great, too. Here are the notes I gathered from the experience that day: Joyce […]

He’s Still Workin’ on Me

I am ashamed to admit that the following story is true and happened just yesterday. I am a loyal Food Lion grocery shopper and they send me some pretty good coupons sometimes. Last week, I got one that was for $7 off two cases of diapers. If you’ve ever had kids in diapers, you know […]

Harvest America & Tell Someone

A while back, I kept hearing this man named Greg Laurie on the Christian radio station. He has these short blurbs about living your life through God and he really caught my attention. At first, I was a little skeptical – he just didn’t look like the other preachers I had seen and followed. I […]

Be Bold

Did you know God can speak through a Page-A-Day calendar? He spoke to me just this morning – not 30 minutes ago. I’ve been reading in the book of Daniel since last week and it’s inspired me to Be Bold for Christ. As a Christian, you think it would be easy to share the story […]

February Events Now Posted!

I just updated my February schedule and it’s FULL of active opportunities. You’ll find 4-5 classes each week at Carroll Wellness Center, Wellness Pursuits, and Galax PH Church. I’m excited about getting back on the bike at CWC at 8:30 on Tuesdays each week. Be sure to check out the “Workout of the Day” at […]