God’s Provision

Yesterday, I read an article in Guidepost magazine about this lady who was feeling down and went running. When she got to her mailbox, a friend had sent her a book because she had recently lost her dog.

I’ve been waiting on something for a while and today God delivered. I was starting to get a little anxious about the situation, but it resolved and I was very thankful for that. My sweet husband let me take a jog today and when I opened my mailbox, there was one thing in it – Chuck Swindoll’s newsletter and this was the envelope:

I just had to smile. When I read the newsletter, the story was about Abraham and Isaac, when God asked the father to offer his son. That was interesting because I just read that story about a week ago in my Genesis study.

Ya’ll, God really does love us and He speaks to us if we only listen. Too many times this past week He has spoken to me. I just pray that I will learn to be quiet so I can hear from Him more often.

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